Meg, I have my BA in psychology from Boston University, and am currently earning my Masters in Mental Health Counseling at Nova Southeastern University. Buffalo -> Boston -> Fort Lauderdale -> ??. Lesbian who runs on coffee, wine, and dirty martinis. Give me books, old horror movies, and gluten free food and I'll be happy. Tattoos, open-minded, optimist, realist, romantic, athlete, Edger Allan Poe, old soul, no time for drama.  Once upon a time I met this tall gorgeous blonde ex-cheerleader turned rugby player who stole my heart and seems to want to keep it, V.XX.XI.
Is it so juvenile to believe in forever?


cinsomniac asked
I'm considering going to nova. What's it like and what's the city like?

The school is great (my graduate program that is, not sure if you are considering grad school or undergrad) very modern resources and knowledgable professors.  The campus is beautiful and walking out of class into beach weather doesn’t hurt either.  

I’m loving the city.  A lot different than what I was used to in Boston but the beaches and parks are beautiful, there are great clubs and awesome dive bars and a ton of culture.  Definitely a diverse and open population.  

I had all my old poems saved on my computer.  My computers memory got wiped and every once in a while It kills me not being able to look back and read them. The weird thing is, not only did I loose a part of myself but I also found a way to forgive myself and move on.